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Ozone Generators Are Superior to Air Purifiers

Looking for an air purifier to eliminate unwanted odors? If you need to treat odors in your facility, a typical air purifier will not do the job. Only ozone generators are designed to eliminate odors at their source and have been used commercially for years.

Most room air purifiers are actually air filters that remove allergens like dust and pollen particles from the air, physically trapping them in their filter. But odors are not particles but gases, and these air purifiers are not designed to deal with odors. Gases will pass right through even the best HEPA filter.

Another type is the ionic air purifier or ionizer. These units send out negative ions into the air to knock down positively charged particles, within a small surrounding area, but doesn't’ remove them. So as soon as you walk across the floor the particles get stirred up into the air again. While producing ions does create a small amount of ozone as a byproduct, it is not enough ozone to eliminate the source of gaseous odors. So the best air purifier for odor removal is an ozone generator.

Ozone Generators vs. Air Purifier Products

Business and home air purifiers will address dust particles and some allergens floating in the air, but an ozone generator attacks odor causing pollutants at their source. The OdorFree fills the entire space with ozone and oxidizes the substances that create and release odor causing gases. It eliminates pollutants as it encounters them, whether clinging to floors, walls and fabrics or down in cracks, crevices and ductwork.

A commercial air purifier is also not the same as an air freshener or deodorizer. These often leave an overwhelming sweet or floral aroma to simply mask underlying odors. Not only are these "air fresheners" displeasing to many people, once they run out, the bad odors are back. An ozone generator will completely eliminate odors from cigarette smoke, pets, water and fire damage, strong spices, burned food, body odors and many others. Ozone does not leave a long term smell or residue in the facility. Instead the treated area becomes fresh and free of odors.

Deodorize the Easy Way

As any commercial hospitality company knows, there are many odors that require an ozone generator to remove. Even after scrubbing an area, some odors remain in cracks and crevices. The best way to address almost any odor or is not with a home air purifier that simply filters the air, but with an ozone generator. It will oxidize pollutants on contact with the easy yet effective power of ozone.

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