Before You Buy

Ozone Machines: Before You Buy

Ozone Safety

Ozone generators are for use in unoccupied spaces and not running when people or pets are present. While O3 is both a natural and powerful oxidizer that will eliminate most odors, long-term exposure is not recommended by government agencies because it can contribute to eye and respiratory irritation. More...

High Output Claims

Sellers on the internet often make false claims regarding the performance of their products in order to obtain a sale. Beware of sales claims for ozone generators with very high ozone output at a price that seems to be too good to be true. More…

Check the Warranty

All ozone generators require periodic cleaning of the ozone producing elements to continue operating. Beware of units offered on the Internet that cannot be maintained by the buyer because they will stop functioning after a period of time. The OdorFree carries a 5 year warranty because it is built to be easily maintained. More…

The Odor Answer Line 1-800-683-9749

Call us for any questions you may have on how to treat particular odors or which model to choose.