Car Air Purifier

Best Odor Elimination Solution for Cars

The Best Car Air Purifier is an Ozone Generator

When the car interior has a musty odor or smells like cigarette smoke, food or pets, an air freshener is sometimes used instead of a car air purifier. But for long term air purification, oxidation and sterilization is needed for permanent car odor removal. Using a fragrance or air freshener as a car air cleaner is just a temporary solution.

Only an ozone generator can destroy the source of the odor and completely clear the car or vehicle of smoke, pet smells and other odors. An ozone generator will attack odors at their source.

Employing spray deodorizers in place of car air purifiers or car air cleaners that produce ozone, may temporarily make a cars smell better, but they don’ t get to the source of the odor. Air fresheners often simply mask the odor with a floral or sweet smell, and the same smells from pet odor and tobacco smoke will soon return. And an ionizer is also just a temporary solution. The best way to remove cigarette odor, musty smells and more, is to blast the vehicle with a high powered ozone generator.

Using the OdorFree Ozone Generator as a Car Air Purifier

The OdorFree purifier creates O3, or ozone, from normal oxygen (O2) in a special process that utilizes an electrical current. The ozone purifies the interior of cars and other vehicles by breaking down odors caused by pollutants at their source, leaving the vehicle smelling fresh and clean. The OdorFree ozone generator is a true car air purifier because, once the source of the odor is eliminated, the odors won’t return and there are no remaining artificial fragrances.

An OdorFree car ozone generator is an ABSOLUTE MUST for any type of car dealership, detailer, repair shop or service department!

An ozone machine makes a great car air purifier and is the best technology for car odor removal. The OdorFree ozone generator is used commercially by hundreds of auto establishments to remove unwanted smoke odors and eliminate pet odors and other pollutants from cars, vans, buses, trucks and other vehicles.

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