Commercial Ozone Purifier

Commercial Ozone Generators & Air Purifiers

Indoor air pollution is universally recognized as one of the greatest concerns that can be responded to successfully. The use of a commercial ozone generator will dramatically reduce indoor pollution and eliminate odors, thereby creating a cleaner and more enjoyable atmosphere indoors.

Offices, apartments, hotels, restaurants, bars, gymnasiums and many other public areas can be cleansed by destroying odors with ozone. By regularly using a commercial ozone generator after-hours when no one is in the building, you can keep the establishment smelling clean and fresh. Customers, clients and patrons will enjoy the clean air that using a commercial ozone machine creates as it attacks odors at their source.

Commercial Ozone Generators at Work

Sometimes referred to as an industrial ozone generator, a commercial ozonator, or an ozone air purifier, a commercial ozone generator works by turning oxygen (O2) into ozone or O3. Ozone fills every cubic inch by breaking down odors and other pollutants where they reside leaving only clean, fresh air. The ozone follows the route that odors have taken, and removes any odors that adhere to walls and surfaces, clinging to soft fabrics, furniture upholstery, or hiding in cabinets or air vents. Once it is finished cleaning, the ozone reverts back to oxygen.

Simply place the OdorFree commercial ozone generator inside the room or area you would like to clean and set the timer (depending on the size of the area and the severity of the odor), and vacate the area while the odors are being oxidized. Once oxidized the odors won’t return, and unlike an air freshener, there are no unpleasant artificial odors.

Ozone Easily Destroys the Following Odors in Commercial Areas:

  • Smoke odor
  • Body odor
  • Animal and pet odor
  • Cooking odors
  • Musty odors
  • Chemical odors

Our commercial and industrial ozone generators are built to last and come with a 5 year warranty. Call the Odor Answer Line at 800-588-6723 to take the OdorFree Trial today!

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