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Enjoy a Better Electronic Air Cleaner: the OdorFree Ozone Generator

Electronic air cleaners and electronic air purifiers often work as filters, removing dust, pollen and other foreign particles from the area. However, there’s one thing most filters cannot remove – odor! Completely REMOVE and ELIMINATE odors from Offices, Hotel and Motel Suites, Rental Houses, Nursing Homes and Hospital Rooms, Dormitories, Classrooms, Restrooms, Tour Buses, RVs, Yachts, Damp Basements, and more with an OdorFree ozone generator.

What is Ozone?

There are many ways to produce ozone, for example, we have all experienced the clean, fresh smell in the air produced by lightning after thunderstorms. That fresh clean smell in the air is ozone or O3 oxygen at work. An ozone machine recreates the same process that to keep the air fresh. It cleans by producing activated oxygen (O3) to break down and oxidize odors and other indoor pollutants at their source without the use of fragrances. Ozone is only for use while the space is unoccupied but unused ozone reverts back to regular oxygen in about an hour.

Refresh That Old Stale Air

Like the water we drink and the food we eat, the air we breathe has an impact on our quality of life. An electronic air cleaner or electronic air purifier can reduce sources of discomfort, but it cannot oxidize common odor causing pollutants. Ozone on the other hand eliminates odors at the source, and has been proven effective in removing odors.

Ozone eliminates:

  • Animal and pet odors
  • Burned food and cooking odors
  • Body odors
  • Cigarette and other tobacco smoke odors
  • Wildfire and fire damage

An ozone generator is so much more than just a simple electronic air cleaner, which does not have the ability to eliminate odors. Take the OdorFree Trial today and never use an electronic air cleaner again. Call the Odor Answer Line at 800-588-6723 today!

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Call us for any questions you may have on how to treat particular odors or which model to choose.