Industrial Air Purifier

Industrial Air Purifier

Professionals need heavy duty industrial air purifiers that are designed for commercial use and will take care of the problem at hand. Wherever there is a large amount of human or commercial activity there will be odors. The only type of he industrial air purifier that will remove odors is an ozone generator.

Ozone industrial air purifiers work differently than any other type of industrial air cleaner. Most particles such as dust and pollen do not create odors. And although filters are industrial air cleaners that are great at trapping particles, they do not remove odors. Since smells are come from gases, they pass right through most filters unchanged.

The source of an odor is from substances that release gases into the air. Industrial air cleaners that produce ozone will not only eliminate odors in the air but also attack and oxidize the source of the offending odor.

Unlike an ozone machine, sprays and fragrances only tend to mask odors, substituting one smell for another. The cause of the odor is seldom eliminated and combining the odors with the masking agent can produce undesired effects all on its own. Many customers are sensitive and find the new odor as offensive as the old one. However, ozone generating industrial air purifiers totally and completely eliminate the odors – both in the air and at their source.

An ozone generator produces a special form of oxygen known as ozone or O3. Thunderstorms produce the same type of ozone where lightning transforms normal oxygen (O2) into more reactive O3. The fresh, clean smell you experience after a good thunderstorm is the result of this ozone in the air.

The millions of ozone atoms from an industrial air purifier come into contact with the gaseous odors, breaking down their molecular structures. The odor is eradicated, not just hidden. Plus, the ozone molecules will travel wherever air can flow, so that the actual root causes of the offending smells are broken down as well.

Another major advantage of this type of industrial air cleaner is that ozone will actually eliminate odors at their source. 

Easy and Economical to Use

Using an OdorFree industrial air purifier couldn’t be easier. Simply place the portable unit in the area to be treated, plug it in, set the timer and vacate the premises. The ozone will work its magic and the objectionable odors will be eliminated, leaving the area smelling fresh and free of offensive odors.

Since there are no other additives to use, the entire operating expense is a small amount of electricity. Plus, cleaning your OdorFree generator is a breeze. Just pull out the special ceramic plates periodically for cleaning and slide them right back in.

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