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Ozone will remove kitchen odors that result from Burning, Frying, Moisture, Strong Seasoning and other food preparation smells.

img-kitchen.jpgThe OdorFree ozone generator is a strong kitchen odor eliminator that will kill microorganisms and is great for commercial or home kitchen odor removal.

Commercial and residential kitchens generate odors that build up from repeated preparation and cooking, or from having an accident where food is burned. Often these odors migrate to other areas and permeate the entire facility, even getting onto furniture and into clothing. The OdorFree ozone generator is a strong kitchen odor eliminator that can treat the entire affected area.

Keeping kitchens clean can also be a challenge because food residue automatically begins to deteriorate. Moisture is often present so 
microorganisms thrive in this type of environment. They can be found not only in the cracks and crevices but also on many surfaces, including walls and ceilings, so kitchen odor removal is very important for food safety.

Even after staff has cleaned the facility, the odors may return because all surfaces are not part of the cleaning protocol. Ozone is very effective in kitchens because it attacks and eliminates kitchen odors at their source, wherever they are. Ozone also kills microorganisms and breaks down their ability to reproduce.

+How to Treat Kitchen Odors+

Solution: The best way to eliminate kitchen odors is ozone treatment with OdorFree while the facility is vacant. Let the last person that leaves turn the unit on and allow the Odor-Free to spend several hours oxidizing away the odors, and reducing microorganism count. It will even take odors out of cupboards, closets and fabrics if you leave them open during treatment. The unit should be turned off a couple of hours before the facility re-opens. This process may be repeated depending on the severity of odors and how often they recur. A fresh smelling kitchen provides a much higher perception of quality food preparation and safety.

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Odor-Free Villa 1000
Up to 4000 Sq/ft
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Recommended Model for Kitchen Odor Removal

The OdorFree Villa 1000 is our most popular model for kitchen odor removal by far. One reason is the convenient 1 to 12 hour timer. This unit is designed for spaces that can be unoccupied for several hours or longer during treatment such as Commercial Kitchens, Home Kitchens and other food preparation and storage spaces, or where the smells have migrated into other areas of the facility.

The Villa 1000 has a variable ozone output control that will cover up to 4000 sq ft and a timer that can be set from 1 to 12 hours to automatically turn the unit off when the sanitizing is completed. In addition, a "Hold" selection on the timer allows for extended treatment (until it is manually turned off) in order to eliminate more deeply ingrained odors. This unit can also be used for smaller spaces if rapid odor removal is needed. More details...

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Odor-Free Suite 700
Up to 2000 Sq/ft
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The OdorFree Suite 700 can be used for to remove kitchen odor in medium sized spaces. This model has a variable output control that will cover up to 2000 sq ft and a 1 to 60 minute timer that will automatically turn the unit off when the sanitizing is completed. A "Hold" selection on the timer dial allows the space to be treated for extended periods (until it is manually turned off) in order to eliminate deeply ingrained odors.

The OdorFree 700 can sanitize smaller spaces quickly, take care of medium-sized spaces, and even do well in larger spaces by running it a for a longer period of time. Note: some of our customers find the 12 hour cut off timer on the Villa 1000 to be more convenient when treating the space for more than an hour and the higher capacity will remove kitchen odors more quickly.

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Odor-Free Hotel 350
Up to 800 Sq/ft
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The OdorFree Hotel 350 can be used for kitchen odor removal but is designed for small spaces where the ozone can be contained to the area to be treated. This model has a variable output control that will cover up to 800 sq ft and a 1 to 60 minute timer that will turn the unit off when the sanitizing is completed. There is also a "Hold" selection on the timer so the space can be sanitized for extended periods (until it is manually turned off).

Note: Many customers choose the Suite 700 over the Hotel 350 because the odor elimination is twice as fast and the Suite can be used for larger spaces and more deeply entrenched odors. And if kitchen odors have gotten into the ductwork, the entire facility will need to be treated at one time to oxidize and eliminate these odors.

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The Odor Answer Line 1-800-683-9749 Call us for any questions you may have on how to treat particular odors or which model to choose.

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I am a realtor and also manage rental property. We purchased the OdorFree to eliminate odors in the condominiums we rent near the University of Tennessee. It is amazing how effective the unit is at getting rid of smoke odor, pet odor, and just about anything else!

I recently sold a 4200 square foot home that had a stale, musty odor that actually came from underneath. All it took was one day in the house and one day in the crawl space, and odor was gone. All things being equal, a property that smells fresh sells a lot faster.

Dick Brower

Realty Executives

Knoxville, Tennessee

The OdorFree is great for removing odors after a smoker or a tenant with pets leaves us. It normally takes about one day to remove the smoke odor and a little longer to remove the pet smell. We even had a deceased tenant that was not discovered until a week later. After three days of ozone treatment the OdorFree had totally removed all the odors.

Susan Saenz

Heritage Park Apartments

Denison, Texas

Some people fry food or cook with heavy spices that leave a strong odor. The OdorFree totally eliminates them and I am very pleased with the machine. It is so easy to use.

Kevin Hendrix

Hendrix Clean Care

La Grange GA