Filters 2 per Pack

The washable filter that is included with each OdorFree rarely needs replacement. Ozone works through oxidation and not filtration äóñ the filter is only needed to protect the plates. Learn more... Order below if replacement is preferred.
  • Protects Plates from Dust and Particulates
  • Extends Lifetime of the Machine
  • Durable Filter Material
  • Simply Wash to Clean

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The OdorFree comes with a filter that protects against dust and particulates entering the machine. Particulate build-up, especially on the plates, will diminish the level of ozone production. Utilizing the filter to protect the plates will also decrease how often the plates need to be cleaned.

The filter can easily be removed and cleaned. The frequency of usage and the ambient environment will determine how often the filter needs to be cleaned. The more often the machine is used, the more frequently the filter will need to be cleaned. For example, if the OdorFree is used daily then the filter may need to be cleaned every 2 or 3 months. On the other hand, if the unit is used only a few times per year, then the filter may only need to be cleaned every few years. An environment that is dusty or has heavy particulate will require the filter to be cleaned more often.

To clean the filter simply remove it from the back of the OdorFree. Wash with soap and water, rinse thoroughly with warm water, and allow time to dry out. Once the filter has had time to thoroughly dry, re-insert the filter into the back of the OdorFree.

Under normal conditions the filter can be cleaned and reused for years. If used daily or in caustic environments, the filter may not be as easily cleaned, requiring replacement. If used infrequently, the filter can last several years or longer. Replacement filters are available for $12.00 per two-pack.

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OdorFree Autel 1000

For autos, hotel rooms and small spaces with short treatment times


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OdorFree Suite 1500

For apartments, smaller houses, boats and RVs


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OdorFree Villa 3000

For medium-size houses, larger condos, and offices


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OdorFree Estate 4000

For the largest spaces and strongest odors