Villa 3000

  • Treat Up to 3,000 Square Feet
  • Set Timer for Up to 12 Hours
  • For Longer Treatments Select Hold
  • Set Dial for Ozone Level
  • Vacate Area During Treatment
  • Easy to Clean Plates and Filter

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Villa 3000

Odor Free Villa 3000

The Villa 3000 is designed for larger spaces such as homes, condos, and offices. This model has a variable ozone-output control and a 12-Hour Timer that turns off automatically when the treatment is completed. For deeply entrenched odors, there is also a “Hold” setting for treatment longer than 12 hours until the machine is turned off manually.

A good selection for medium houses, large apartments, offices, rental properties, locker rooms, restaurants, smoking bars, casinos, townhouses, bingo parlors, tour buses, and yachts. Treats odors such as cigarette smoke, and pet odors. Click to learn about treating the odors in your location. Select Your Odor


  • The larger the space, the longer the treatment time
  • The heavier the odors, the longer the treatment time
  • Odors normally migrate throughout the facility
  • Treating the entire space including ductwork is most effective

Comes complete with plates and a filter. These are designed for long-term use and can easily be cleaned and reinstalled. Just plug in the unit, turn the dials to select time and output level. Then vacate the area while the odors are oxidized.

Warning: For use in unoccupied spaces only. Prolonged exposure to high ozone levels can cause eye and respiratory irritation. Anyone with respiratory issues should consult their physician before use.



+Initial Setup and Treatment+


Odor Free Villa 3000 Details

  • Coverage: Up to 3,000 Square Feet or 30,000 Cubic Feet
  • Timer: Up to 12 Hours or Continuously On in “Hold” Setting
  • Fan: 100 CFM
  • Volts/Watts: 110/32
  • Amps/Hertz: .37/60
  • Variable Output: 1,800 mg/hr
  • Ozone Plates: 3
  • Size: 8.5”h x 9”w x 12.5”d
  • Weight: 10.25 lbs

+Operating Instructions+

  1. Close all outside doors and windows of the area to be treated.
  2. Make sure inside doors, such as bathroom and closet doors, are open.
  3. Set thermostat to maintain a moderate temperature in the facility to be treated. Fan may be turned to "On" to circulate ozone throughout the space.
  4. Make certain all occupants and pets have been removed.
  5. The Ozone Output dial is normally set at "Medium" to "High" depending on the level of odors and amount of time for treatment.
  6. Set Timer to desired treatment time and then exit the space during treatment.
  7. Upon returning, make sure Timer dial is in the "Off" position.
  8. Allow 1 to 2 hours after treatment before re-occupying the space, or open the outside windows and doors upon reentry.

Note: A higher Ozone Output setting will treat the space more quickly. The amount of time necessary to eliminate pollutants depends on how entrenched the odors are. The effect of ozone will vary depending on environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, size of the space, contents of the space and the severity of the odors.

Hold Position: For more severe odor problems, turn timer dial to the "Hold" position and vacate the space. This will allow for longer treatment and will produce ozone until generator is turned off manually. Upon return, turn the dial to "Off" and open outside windows and doors. Vacate area until the ozone smell is gone.

Warning: For use in unoccupied spaces only. Excess ozone concentrations can cause mucous membrane and respiratory irritation. If you detect the ozone smell when you walk into the room, make sure the Timer dial is "Off" and then ventilate the area or vacate the room.


The Odor Free Trial – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

For 30 days from the date of receipt of an Odor Free generator the buyer may return the unit for any reason. Simply contact Customer Service at 800-558-6723 for an authorization number. Return the unit in the original packaging with the number and a full refund will be issued.

5 Year Warranty

For 5 years from the date of purchase by the original owner, SD International will replace any defective part due to manufacturing defect at no charge. The customer is responsible for labor charges and for safely shipping the unit to the Service Center.

For the first 90 days from original date of purchase, SD International will replace or repair the product without charge to the customer should the unit prove to have a manufacturing defect. Simply call 850-893-9200 for authorization and UPS will pick up the unit at no charge to the customer.

Call 800-558-6723 for additional information.


Odor Free Villa 3000 Testimonials

I am a realtor and also manage rental property. We purchased the Odor Free to eliminate odors in the condominiums we rent near the University of Tennessee. It is amazing how effective the unit is at getting rid of smoke odor, pet odor, and just about anything else! I recently sold a 4,200 square foot home that had a stale, musty odor that actually came from underneath. All it took was one day in the house and one day in the crawl space, and odor was gone. All things being equal, a property that smells fresh sells a lot faster.

Dick Brower
Realty Executives
Knoxville, Tennessee

The Odor Free is great for removing odors after a smoker or a tenant with pets leaves us. It normally takes about one day to remove the smoke odor and a little longer to remove a pet smell. We even had a deceased tenant that was only discovered until a week later. After three days of ozone treatment the Odor-Free had totally removed all the odors.

Susan Saenz
Heritage Park Apartments
Denison, Texas

There was a fire in one of our cabins recently. The Odor Free really did away with the lingering smoke smell. The cabins also develop a musty odor at times. After we treat a unit with the ozone generator the musty smell is totally gone, and the next guest is much happier. The product lived up to claims and we couldn't be more pleased!

David Hottel
Pine Ridge Campground
Roebuck, South Carolina

Our cafe develops a residual odor that builds up from cooking and moisture. We turn the Odor Free on at night and the place smells really fresh in the morning. There are no more complaints from customers or neighbors. You have a well built product that is very convenient to use.

Anthony Rixner
M's Café & Coffee
New Orleans, LA

We use ozone generators when a hotel room has smoke odors, and the Odor Free eliminates them in short order. The hotel staff really appreciates this particular ozone generator because it is simple to operate and so easy to maintain. I am transferring to another Hilton property in about eight weeks and will be placing another order with Odor Free to eliminate hotel room odor there.

Bill Simmons
Hilton Garden Inn
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

The Odor Free works fantastic! Our cat sometimes feels the need to mark its territory. We tried all kinds of deodorizers and products that were supposed to get rid of pet odors, but were never satisfied. We found that the Odor Free does not mask the odors, it destroys them. We tell all our friends with house pets about it.

Duane Thompson
Harpers Ferry, Virginia

Our office developed a very bad mildew odor and I was getting headaches almost every day. After treatment with the Odor Free, the smell is completely gone and so are my headaches.

Anne Tyler
Hayward Tyler Pump Co.
Colchester VT

We manage two low income housing units that often have smoke odor and cooking odors that can be difficult to get rid of. The Odor Free really works and makes cleanup a lot easier when an apartment turns over. We find it very effective on the bathroom odor as well. I even carried it home to treat an antique hutch that was purchased from a smoker, and it promptly took care of that smoke odor too.

Deb Davis
Subsidized Housing Manager
Fort Dodge, Iowa

The basement in our house developed a damp and musty smell. The Odor Free got rid of the smell and now we can enjoy using our basement again. I didn't know that ozone generators could be so effective on mold until a friend told me about them. We also run the Odor Free upstairs on occasion to keep the main part of the house smelling fresh and clean. Great service from the company too!

Forrest Deets
Port Ewen, New York

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